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Good for the body and mind.
Ways to enjoy Lake Akan Tsuruga Wings

Situated on the shore of Lake Akan is Lake Akan Tsuruga Wings.
Here, you’ll find a lobby gallery with sculptures that inspire awe in the viewer as soon as they enter the hotel, a healthy buffet featuring local Hokkaido ingredients, and a replete spa with hot springs, a stone sauna, and a fitness gym.
You can all find information on activities at Lake Akan that let you explore the outdoors, and even make reservations.
With mental and physical wellness as our theme, we offer hospitality in a relaxing space.

Fun at
Lake Akan Tsuruga Wings

A museum-like lobby gallery surrounded
by Ainu culture

The first thing guests see upon entering Tsuruga Wings is a magnificent winged statue of a kamuy, divine beings in Ainu mythology.This was created for Tsuruga Wings by the sculptor Takeki Fujito.
This museum-like lobby contains
several other sculptures as well.

About the Art Space

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Fun at Lake Akan Tsuruga Wings2 lake

A moment of calm as you soak
in Lake Akan

Our lakeview guestrooms offer views of picturesque Lake Akan as it changes colors with the seasons.Soak in the scenery of Lake Akan stretching as far as the eye can see.
Let yourself unwind in a relaxing space overlooking soothing views of the lakeshore.

Guest Rooms

lake view

Fun at Lake Akan Tsuruga Wings3 healthy

Healthy Buffet

Enjoy a healthy buffet that brings out the seasonal flavor of local ingredients from Hokkaido at the spacious restaurant overlooking Lake Akan.


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Fun at Lake Akan Tsuruga Wings4 spa

A moment of bliss at our replete spa.
Ultimate lakeside relaxation

A wealth of stone saunas, including high and low temperature saunas and a stone sauna living room, plus a large public bath sourced from the finest quality springs.
Enjoy a moment of bliss as you unwind from all the physical activity
at Lake Akan, the hotel fitness gym, and sightseeing.

Hot Springs & Stone Sauna

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Fun at Lake Akan Tsuruga Wings5 Facilities

Replete facilities where
you can spend your time as you please

Get active with outdoor activities and our fitness gym, .
then soothe the mind with Iyomap Garden, where you can experience nature and the spirit of the Ainu
Unwind at the bar overlooking Lake Akan or learn about Ainu culture from the books in the Library Corner.
Enjoy a moment of the extraordinary in this entertaining space that offers so many ways to have fun.

Hotel Facilities

Facilities Iyomap Garden

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  • Facilities Library Corner
  • Facilities mobi fit stand

Tsuruga Adventure Base SIRI

Tsuruga Adventure Base SIRI

Here, we present outdoor activities that let you experience the nature of Lake Akan. We invite you to set out on an adventure full of excitement and discovery.

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