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Relax at our
replete spa for
a beautiful
body and mind.

Replete stone sauna facilities,
including a high and low temperature sauna
as well as saunas featuring aromas and medicinal herbs,
plus a large public bath where you can
enjoy high-quality hot springs good for skin and health.


Public Bath

Public Bath

Public Bath

Public Bath

Containing high amounts of sodium, this high-quality spring is good
for the skin and for health. The relaxing, spacious public bath
and the warmth of the water passing pleasantly over your skin.
Refresh yourself even more by working up
a sweat in the sauna for a moment of utter bliss.

Hours 15:00~24:00

*According to the Japanese Public Bath law, children of any gender are allowed to enter the public baths and dressing rooms until the age of 6.

Hot Spring Type
Sodium, magnesium, calcium bicarbonate (neutral, hypotonic, high temperature spring)
Former spring quality notation: Clay-containing sodium bicarbonate spring
Recovery from fatigue, neuralgia, muscle pain, sensitivity to cold, etc.

Pinneshiri Men’s Bath


Pinneshiri Men’s Bath

Pinneshiri is the Ainu word for Mount Oakan.
Enjoy a soothing soak in the jacuzzi bath or the silky bath.

Matneshiri Women’s Bath


Matneshiri Women’s Bath

Matneshiri is the Ainu word for Mount Meakan.Enjoy a soothing soak in the large bath, surrounded by Ainu folklore painted on the walls.Saunas are also available.

Public Baths at Akan Yuku no Sato Tsuruga

Staying guests may also use the public baths
at the adjacent Akan Yuku no Sato Tsuruga.
Enjoy the public bathing area with seven different types of baths as well as
the outdoor bathing area offering panoramic views of Lake Akan.


  • Public Bath
  • Public Bath
  • Public Bath


Stone Sauna

Stone Sauna

Stone Sauna

Stone Sauna

Stone Sauna


A total of 5 saunas to choose from, including a high temperature sauna,
low temperature sauna, and a hot stone living room.
Heat up, cool down, and repeat to warm your body to the core and work up a good sweat.
Soothe and beautify the body and mind.Break away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life
and enjoy detoxification and some time to be with yourself.

Hours 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm (last entry at 9:00 pm)
Price (Staying Guests)
¥1,100 per person (tax included)

*Children under elementary school age are not permitted.
*Hours may change depending on circumstances.


  • Nupu Women’s High Temperature Stone Sauna

    #1 Nupu Women’s High Temperature Stone Sauna

    A luxury just for women.Relax with the scent of roses and herbs as your warm your body and raise your metabolism.

  • Poru Communal High Temperature Stone Sauna

    #2 Poru Communal High Temperature Stone Sauna

    The flickering torchlight in this black and red cave-like space recalls scenes of ancient Ainu men and women relaxing around the fire.

  • Nochiw Communal Low Temperature Stone Sauna

    #3 Nochiw Communal Low Temperature Stone Sauna

    Gaze out at the sprawling seasonal scenery of Lake Akan as you sit on the stone bench with maifan stones at your lower and upper back and the soles of your feet.

  • Nikaop Stone Sauna Living Room

    #4 Nikaop Stone Sauna Living Room

    The stone lounges incorporate heated flooring for a gentle warmth.Here, you can relax as if you were in your living room.

  • Torasampe Cooling Room

    #5 Torasampe Cooling Room

    In the center is an objet d'art based on a marimo (moss ball).The room is set to 18°C, gently cooling you down from the heat.

How to Use

Remove all clothing, including underwear, then change into the special yukata (robe), and you are ready.

  • 1. Lie face down 5minutes

    Lie face down on the bath mat.A pleasant warmth will spread from your belly throughout your entire body.

  • 2. Lie face up 10minutes

    This warms the body even more, making you sweat.

  • 3. Rest: 5minutes

    Several short sessions are more effective than a single long

Repeat 1 to 3 times, depending on your condition

Don’t forget to hydrate

The amount of hydration that must be replenished after a session in the stone sauna is 500 ml for those who require a lot of liquids, but even those who don’t require a lot will still need about half of that.
Ideal hydration would be to have a sip of water before entering, then drink slightly more during breaks between bathing, then have a full glass of water after bathing.